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About the Firm

Our Mission

We assist our clients in getting a fair bargain and in educating them about their rights. We feel it is our duty to help our Florida clients resolve problems in their lives. Our firm genuinely strives to give expression to the individual and make people's lives better and more hopeful. We respect all human beings and appreciate the potential in each person.

The greater our accomplishments are, the greater our responsibility for service to our fellow man. The job of a personal attorney is a never-ending journey of discipline, work, and the pursuit of an ever higher standard.

About Our Firm

David Lee Sellers and his staff of paralegals work as an experienced, knowledgeable team on every case they handle in Florida. We believe that one should never compromise on long term principles for the sake of quick or expedient benefit. Mr. Sellers has over 30 years of experience trying cases in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, wrongful death, and personal injury protection.