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Weapons Violations Defense Attorney in Pensacola, Florida

Any criminal charge needs to be taken seriously, but those that involve weapons or firearms should be given extra attention since the possible penalties for a conviction can be so much more severe. Although there are many protections in place at both the state and federal levels regarding an individual's right to bear arms, gun crimes can be extremely consequential and should always be handled by an experienced criminal defense attorney.  

If you’re facing weapons charges and reside in Pensacola, Florida, reach out to my firm, David Lee Sellers, PA, for trusted legal representation. I also serve the surrounding communities of Crestview, Fort Walton Beach, and Milton, Florida. 

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Common Weapons Charges in Florida  

There are several charges you could be facing that involve firearms or weapons, and by working directly with your lawyer, you can formulate a defense strategy that’s tailored to your individual needs. It’s essential that you don’t ignore these charges or think that you can defend yourself in court. You need a skilled defense lawyer who’s looking out for your best interests and protecting your rights. Some common crimes linked to weapons include:   

  • criminal possession of a firearm or unlawful weapons  

  • unlawful manufacturing of firearms 

  • unlawful carrying of weapons  

  • unlawful discharge of a firearm 

  • using a firearm under the influence of alcohol or drugs 

  • unlicensed carry or concealment of a gun 

  • allowing a minor under the age of 16 access to a loaded gun 

Unlawful Carrying of Weapons 

There are many state laws that allow residents to have and carry firearms or weapons, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any restrictions on how they’re carried or who can have them. 

However, recent legislation has brought about changes to existing laws. Beginning July 1, 2023, you do not need a permit or training to carry a concealed handgun in the state. Additionally, there are also no state laws requiring you to register your guns or obtain a permit to buy a gun. Nevertheless, certain individuals are prohibited by law from owning firearms. This can include: 

  • someone convicted of domestic violence 

  • convicted felons 

  • drug addicts 

  • people with serious mental illness 

  • minors 

  • undocumented immigrants 

Florida Open Handgun Carry Law   

In many cases, it’s illegal to openly carry a handgun in the state of Florida. However, there are a few notable exceptions to the state's open handgun carry law. One exception is if you have a handgun out in the open to use for self defense. Other exceptions include carrying a firearm while hunting, fishing, at a gun range, in your home, or in your business.   

Unlawful Weapons  

Even though Florida does have many permissive laws for carrying weapons and firearms, there are some weapons that are prohibited, and anyone who’s not licensed to carry one of these by the state or federal government can face criminal charges for doing so. These illegal guns include: 

  • machine guns 

  • short-barreled shotguns (sometimes called “sawed off” shotguns) that have a barrel less than 18” long 

  • short-barreled rifles that have a barrel less than 16” long 

Possible Penalties for Weapons Charges 

The possible penalties for weapons violations will vary depending on the charges you’re facing. They will also likely become more severe if you have convictions in your past or if your charges involved assault or domestic abuse. The penalties can include jail time, fines, probation, having to give up any firearms you currently own, or being prohibited from purchasing or carrying firearms in the future.  

Weapons Violations Defense Attorney in Pensacola, Florida

If you’re in the Pensacola, Florida, area and have recently been arrested and charged with a weapons violation, give me a call, David Lee Sellers, PA, to schedule a consultation and start discussing your options. I can help protect your rights and best interests.