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Common Misconceptions About Drug Charges 

David Lee Sellers, PA Oct. 7, 2022

Drug Concept Theme with A Marijuana Leaf and A Wooden GavelIn the state of Florida, a person may be facing criminal charges for the illegal possession, sale, manufacture, or delivery of controlled substances. However, there are numerous false assumptions and misinformation surrounding drug charges in Florida. Without experienced guidance, a person arrested and charged with a drug crime may face devastating penalties or end up in the worst possible situation. 

David Lee Sellers, PA is committed to offering reliable representation and comprehensive guidance to clients facing charges. As a knowledgeable Florida criminal defense attorney, Attorney David Lee Sellers can evaluate every aspect of your case, help clarify the misconceptions, and strategize an effective defense in pursuit of the most favorable outcome for your unique situation. The firm proudly serves clients across Pensacola, Crestview, Fort Walton Beach, and Milton, Florida. 

Drug Charges in Florida 

According to Florida law, without authorization, no one is allowed to sell, manufacture, deliver, or have in their possession with the intent to do so, any drug that is a controlled substance. A person who violates this provision may face misdemeanor or felony drug charges, depending on the type and amount of substances involved and other surrounding circumstances. 

Common Myths and Facts About Drug Charges 

There are tons of collective popular opinions and misleading information surrounding drug charges in Florida. However, distinguishing between the facts and fiction and knowing what to expect following a drug-related arrest will make your case easily manageable. Here are some common myths and facts about drug charges in Florida with a brief explanation of why they are false: 

Myth #1: I can't be arrested for drugs that aren't mine. 

This is a common misconception. A defendant might be arrested and charged with actual possession if the drugs were found physically on them. Likewise, an offender may face constructive drug possession charges even if they knew nothing about the illicit drugs, but the substances were found in their vicinity or a place under their control or care. 

Myth #2: If I give someone drugs and they overdose, that's not my problem. 

This is not true. In the state of Florida, a death resulting from a drug overdose will not be considered a solitary incident. The individual, doctor, emergency personnel, dealer, or drug distribution company that gave the victim the drugs may be charged with homicide in connection with the drug overdose case. 

Myth #3: Marijuana is legal, so I can't get arrested for it. 

This is another common misconception. In Florida, marijuana use is only legal if the user has a Medical Marijuana Use Authorization. Generally, it is illegal to obtain marijuana in the state for non-medical or recreational use. Possession of any amount of marijuana without Medical Marijuana Use Authorization may get you arrested or indicted with a drug crime. 

Myth #4: It's only my first offense, so it's not a big deal. 

A drug crime charge is very serious, and you shouldn't take it casually. In addition to fines, imprisonment, and a criminal record, a drug conviction could possibly result in other life-changing ramifications. These include difficulties securing government assistance, future employment, housing, loans, educational scholarships, and other career opportunities. With every aspect of your life and future at risk, it is crucial that you fight your drug charges. 

Myth #5: If I'm convicted, it'll fall off my record in 7 years. 

This is completely false. If you have been convicted of a drug crime in the state of Florida, the offense will never go away. A drug crime conviction will stay on your public record permanently – unless you file a petition to have the record removed, sealed, or expunged. 

Myth #6: Hiring an attorney won't help. 

When facing drug allegations – even if you think you're guilty of the charges – you must retain an attorney. Your lawyer can review your case's facts and help strategize a strong defense to fight your charges. Also, your legal counsel can attempt to establish your innocence or help negotiate a favorable plea bargain on your behalf. 

Trusted Guidance Every Step of the Way 

The burden of a Florida drug-related charge can be overwhelming and can jeopardize your personal reputation, freedom, career, and future opportunities. Unfortunately, defending your drug allegations without reliable representation might expose you to the risk of suffering the maximum penalties. Therefore, hiring an aggressive criminal defense attorney is paramount for dedicated guidance and to help determine your best defenses when facing drug charges. 

Attorney David Lee Sellers has devoted his career to offering outstanding legal services and protecting individuals charged with drug crimes from the worst possible punishment. Using his extensive knowledge, he will guide you through the Florida criminal justice system and represent you intelligently in every phase of the legal process. Attorney David Lee Sellers will dispute the accusations against you with factual evidence and make sure those accusations don't ruin your life. 

Contact David Lee Sellers, PA today to schedule a simple case evaluation with a knowledgeable drug charges defense lawyer. Attorney David Lee Sellers will offer you the detailed legal guidance and aggressive representation you need to fight your drug charges. The firm is proud to serve clients across Pensacola, Crestview, Fort Walton Beach, and Milton, Florida.